it better.

.. she’s the exception and you’re the rule - now get the eff over it k?
I Wrote This For You: The Series
I know you’re just a rag doll now, sewn together with memories that we might have had.
I know you’re just the dream inside of a dream
And don’t worry, I know I don’t know you, anymore.
Incase someone hasn’t told you today. You are special. Stay dope.


.. i can totally relate to this.. you realise who your ‘true’ friends are in a moment of need. You can be there 100% for your friends.. but when its your turn.. & you don’t even get that 1% back.. regardless; I’ll always be there for my ‘friends’.. but its still good to know who really is there for you.. when you need someone the most. #friends #trueones #fakefriends #comfort #help #nice #ungrateful #appreciation #igotyourback #selfish #needy #sad #caring #5050.

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When you feel sad, just remember this life is just a test.
And soon it will be over.

When something bad happens to you, or you get hurt 
Allah will take your bad sins away.

Stay strong and to keep steadfast upon the Deen!

'For indeed, with hardship will be ease'. Al Quran [94:5]


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Every Tumblr user ever
  • Me when I joined Tumblr: How do I start using this thing
  • Me now: How do I stop using this thing
  • Lols so me: D